Rug Repair & Restoration

Handmade rugs occasionally need minor repairs. Our professional staff will also thoroughly check your rugs and recommend any needed repairs. The repairs can be made in our workroom. You may also consider replacing your old pads with new ones. New pads can be put down when your rugs are returned.

Basic Care

Rug wear is inevitable, but frequently rotating your rug 180 degrees will help equalize the effects of wear.

Dampness can cause mildew or deterioration of the threads and fabrics of your rug. Avoid soaking your rug when cleaning a spill. Moths are another threat to a rug's longevity. To protect it, move your rug from time to time, and keep it exposed to air and light. Continual exposure to sunlight will eventually cause a rug's colors to fade and make the fabric brittle. Display your rug in such a way that it is protected against too much sunlight.

Contact us via email or call 713-528-2666 to schedule rug restoration services.