Rug Cleaning

Matt Camron Rugs & Tapestries offers rug cleaning services in the surrounding areas of all showroom locations: Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, and Washington D.C.

We recommend having all modern rugs, reproduction rugs, oriental rugs, and vintage and antique rugs professionally cleaned every three to five years. It’s our goal to take all hassle out of the rug cleaning process by sending our professional rug cleaners to your home to examine your rug and make expert recommendations on how to care for it.

Matt Camron has over 40 years of experience cleaning rugs. We specialize in handmade and oriental rug cleaning and washing. We work to eliminate pet stains and odors from soiled rugs. Our professional rug cleaners also specially wash water damaged rugs and can dry clean rugs and tapestries.

Rather than waiting to call us, we do recommend you deal with spills immediately. Use a spoon to scoop up as much of the spill as possible. Dilute smaller spills with water. Blot, but do not rub, the area with a paper towel until all moisture is removed. Always blot from the outer edges towards the center to prevent the spill from spreading.

Please see the following FAQ about our rug cleaning services, and don’t hesitate email us or call 713-528-2666 with any further questions or to schedule a professional rug cleaning.

Will you pick up and deliver my rug for cleaning?

Yes, we offer pickup and delivery of rugs and tapestries within our delivery zones. Call us of more information?

How long do rug cleaning services take?

Depending on if you’re washing an antique rug that’s heavily soiled, an oriental rug that also needs repairs, or a modern rug that just needs a routine cleaning, rug cleaning services take between 10 days and two weeks.

Can’t I just steam clean my rug at home?

Never steam or chemically clean your rugs as these cleaning methods deplete the natural oils of the pile. Also, do not put your rugs in the washing machine.

I didn’t buy my rug at Matt Camron, will you still clean it?

Yes, we will clean any rug.

Do you only offer Houston rug cleaning services, or do you offer other locations to?

In addition to our Houston rug cleaning services, we offer rug cleaning and rug washing services in the areas surrounding all of our other locations.

Do you send the rugs out to be cleaned?

No, we clean all rugs in-house.

I have a large area rug that needs a cleaning. Is it too big?

No, there is no limit to size when it comes to rug cleaning.

I’ve had the same rug pad for a while, is it too old?

We will examine and let you know if it’s time for a new pad. We can also assess any repairs needed. Read more about our in-house rug repair services.