Must-Reads: Pool Plans & Paint Color Conundrums

Must-Reads: Pool Plans & Paint Color Conundrums

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: serious pool design inspiration, an office that proves collecting items need not translate into a cluttered space, the history of the high heel, ten designer-approved cream paint colors and the blooms that thrive all over the world worth seeing. {hero image via NYTimes}

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Designing (or renovating) your backyard with a pool in time for summer? Get inspired by these 33 designs from around the world. From the always inviting infinity pool to unique ideas like adding an island, your poolside setting will feel like an oasis. {image via Julian Wass}

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We agree with British interior designer, Beata Heuman, that fields like ours are just as much about the logistics as they are about the creative juice flow. With that, organization is key, so take a peek inside her playful but orderly office brimming with bespoke objects and sentimental curiosities from clients. She gives tips on keeping tidy, one of which is not reserving streamlining sessions solely for spring. {image via NYTimes}



A brief history on the heel. Would we (or our feet, rather) be better off without them? 



Our DC showroom is celebrating the peak of cherry blossom season, so we toured the rest of the globe to see which blooms thrive throughout the year elsewhere. See when Spanish sunflowers, Dutch tulips and Thai lilies and more shine. {image via Fathom}



Ten designers share their favorites, so you'll either find a solution or potentially more confusion. :) 'Til next time!


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