Must-Reads: Inspiration from San Miguel to Mallorca

Must-Reads: Inspiration from San Miguel to Mallorca

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: a salad server design that stands out, a health-conscious guide to San Miguel de Allende, office space inspo, a Instagram to add to your feed and a house on the market in Mallorca you just might need. {hero image via Style Files}

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Coming off of what was likely a decadent weekend for many filled with classic American cuisine like charred burgers off the grill and pie a la mode, staying up late to not miss the fireworks show and late night quality convo (and fireworks shows!), we invite you to look at San Miguel de Allende for your next destination. This guide hits all the "healthy" spots; think spa days, fresh farmer's markets and and the most distinctive decor shops to bring back home with you. {image via Mr. and Mrs. Smith}

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How fun are these salad servers? A little moody, a lot stylish to elevate your next salad presentation to new heights. Bonus: it comes in a wealth of colorways. {image via Dinoasaur Designs

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If you're looking to #livecolorfully, give @libbycameronllc a follow. She'll fill your feed with all American interior inspiration, to-die-for floral scenes and more satiable delights. Let's all have a moment for that leopard carpet stairwell, please. {image via @libbycameronllc}

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Our of our favorite sources of inspiration is seeing all-star interior designer's office spaces. You know this, though; we've featured several of these on this series to date. Today, we're showcasing two offices, one of which is that of Paloma Contreras, our Matt Camron cottages resident with her new home goods store outpost. It's coupled with Alyssa Kapito's, who took the approach to make the space look like the opposite of an office. Paloma's has a lot of practical tips like keeping things tidy so the build-up of catalogues and fabric swatches don't distract and selecting a neutral palette so client's vision boards take center stage. {image via Elle Decor

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.38.02 AMON THE MALLORCAN MARKET.

This townhome oozes of summer coolness and is proof that the bones of any home can be transformed into your own sanctuary. Major nods to the rug placement throughout -- we love the custom runner in the kitchen and the textural addition in the master bath. Did we mention it's for sale?! See for yourself. {image via honestlywtf}


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