Must-Reads: On-Deck Dining & A Sante Fe City Guide

Must-Reads: On-Deck Dining & A Sante Fe City Guide

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: the hospitality guru behind LA's hottest restaurant group shares her life story, how to pump up the other stylish elements when pulling back on color in your master bedroom (or any room, really), recipes that lend themselves well to boat excursions, a Sante Fe city guide and how to ease the pain of all that inevitable time spent in front of a screen. Like, right now. {hero image via Vogue}

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You know those little details you notice when dining out that make the experience next level? With more accomplished restaurant groups, there's usually a puppet master putting these things in place and in the case of the Gjelina group in LA, it's this lady. If you haven't eaten at one of these cool Cali spots, you should. Either way, her story of growing up in South Africa during Apartheid leading all the way to her current role making waves in the hospitality industry is inspiring to anyone and everyone. {photo via Apiece Apart}



Heading to a body of water for Independence Day weekend? Lucky! We hope boat rides are in store and if so, here's your resource for ideal on-deck dining--recipes included. {image via Vogue



If you're trying to keep your color scheme in a space relatively understated, here's a guide on how to still add dimension, character and a sense of style. The key is to add layers of texture, interesting furnishings and in some cases, a white wall makes for the perfect blank canvas to make all these elements pop. {image via Camille Styles}

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We love our Texas hub, mostly because our neighbors are really special. From all the design inspiration coming out of New Orleans (remember our love letter to the new Hotel Peter & Paul) to New Mexico on the Western side. Santa Fe is the perfect size city for an exploratory weekend. Here you have the sights to see, galleries to visit, the things to eat and places to stay. {image via Wendy McEahern



If less screen time was on your resolution list in January and it just isn't working out, let us pose an alternate solution. These blue light blocking glasses have become a popular purchase for those looking to ease the eye strain. See here for a selection of chic styles so you can keep plugging and chugging without the ramifications. {image via Town & Country Mag}


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