Introducing: The purveyor’s pick

Introducing: The purveyor’s pick

We’re excited to introduce a new series, “The purveyor’s pick,” which gives our expert staff the chance to share their favorite rugs in our galleries. It could be a color that inspired the choice, a personal memory, or a historical reason. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out the stories behind our spectacular rugs!

Purveyor: Laura Johnson

Role: Showroom Assistant at Matt Camron Rugs in Washington DC

Purveyor’s pick: 19714HM Spanish Rug, antique reproduction

Why: I recently traveled to Lisbon, Portugal and became fascinated with the tiles they call azulejos. Back here in the showroom, I noticed the echoes of those designs in our Spanish rugs. The repeating motifs spark that same joy. See photos of the tiles below.




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