3 Simple Rules For Antique Rug Cleaning

Did you know that Matt Camron offerings professional rug cleaning services? That’s right — we will even come to your house to assess the carpet and pick it up for your very own antique rug cleaning appointment.

We know how just how valuable the rugs are that you have in your house, so we approach these works of art with the utmost respect and expertise. However, there are three simple and straightforward rules to keep in mind as you live with an antique rug, and following these will ensure that you’re always handling it with care.

Schedule regular rug cleanings

1A good rule of thumb is to schedule a professional rug cleaning every three to five years. Where your rug or carpet falls on that spectrum depends on how much traffic it gets.

Be quick to spills

Always handle spills as soon as they happen, before washing the rug. Use a spoon to scoop up anything you can from the spill, whether liquid or solids. Blot with a paper towel until all moisture is removed.

A special tip: blot from the outside of the spill inward so you don’t spread it further. Next step? Immediately call to have your rug cleaning service scheduled.

What to avoid when cleaning a rug

Say no to chemicals! Especially when you it comes to oriental rug cleaning. Steaming will also deplete the pile of any rug, and never, ever put it in a washing machine.

You can learn more about our rug cleaning services here, and always reach out with questions. We’re happy to help you through the process.


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