Rug Placement 101: The Dos and Don'ts for Your Entire Home

Rug Placement 101: The Dos and Don'ts for Your Entire Home

Discovering the rug--or rugs--of your dreams is only half the battle. Once it's install time, this defining piece is always first to lay the foundation for the other furnishings, which in turn puts on the pressure to place it perfectly so all the elements can shine. We've done this more than once, so we've rounded up our best tips for every type of room.   


Lonergan-Master Bed Overall-151 copy

Make sure the rug is a few inches (two-four) off the end of the table or chest.  

SL_Showhouse copy

Halfway under the table or chest is also acceptable. The mistake is placing the rug too close to the wall the bed is against, causing all of the elements to feel cramped.  


3703_160613_Eilers copy

When you pull the dining room chairs back, the chairs should remain on the rug.  If they come off, then the rug is too small.


image_thumb30 copy

In a large living room, not all the furniture has to be on the rug.  The back legs of chairs can sit off the rug. 

3744_160613_Eilers copy

We personally prefer that the front legs of the sofa be on the rug, but placing the whole sofa on the rug or just right in front of the sofa is correct as well. 


_54X1418 copy

You want the desk chair on or off.  One or the other but not right in the middle.


2013_Cohan_0721Z copy

Runners in bedroom halls are a must.  They warm up the space, add pattern to long halls and help with noise.

2232 Robinhood60975 1 copy 2

Consider a larger rug with personality for your entryway; it's the place you greet all your guests and are welcomed home day after day.

R30A6114 copy

A sizable piece can help anchor this space that often gets underutilized relative to the rest of the home's square footage. 

3725_160613_Eilers copy 

See more on our Instagram highlight reel entitled TIPS, and never shy away from asking us any rug related questions.


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