Must-Reads: Emulating Parisian Apartments & Attacking Email Once and for All

Must-Reads: Emulating Parisian Apartments & Attacking Email Once and for All

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: a Cabo escape that epitomizes a recharging retreat, how to infuse Paris apartment design elements into your own Stateside pad, why walking could change your thinking game and how to get to that coveted zero unread inbox status. 



Given that our hub is Houston, our clients take full advantage of our proximity to Mexico and all this neighboring country has to offer for a close getaway. Those familiar with the isle know that a quick jaunt to San José del Cabo (as opposed to more widely recognized Cabo San Lucas) is a destination rich in art and farm-to-table dining. Next to famed Flora Farms is the next best thing, Acre Baja, and we can't imagine an itinerary more ideal than morning yoga before a mid-afternoon cooking class and then perching by their pool set in a mango orchard. Va! {image via losebano}



Anyone else feel like they could rest easy if you just got to the bottom of that overflowing inbox? We're turning to these tips to attack that email pile in just a single sitting. She tackled 4k, so you're sure to make a significant dent before another school year creeps up. {image via becauseimaddicted}



No matter your style, there's no denying that all of us appreciate Parisian interiors. This design expert divulges the fabrics, prints and other decorating tips that can give your space a little ode to the city of lights. {image via wallpaper}

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.26.40 AM


Grab a seat around the newest communal table in Houston at Indigo for a tasting menu experience like nothing the city has ever offered. Elect to go the vegeterian or pescatarian route and discover the flavors of neo-soulfood. {image via Indigo}



If you knew you could get exercise in and have eureka moments all at once, wouldn't you be in? Creative geniuses out of today's Silicon Valley all the way back to Charles Darwin can attest to the power walking has to fuel our creative juices and help us produce our best ideas ever. {image via We Are Doré}


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