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Must-Reads: Chateau Marmont's Secret Sauce & Cabana Magazine Founder's Favorites

Must-Reads: Chateau Marmont's Secret Sauce & Cabana Magazine Founder's Favorites

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: a Q&A with Cabana Magazine's founder, the style statements that mark every year since 1950, a controversial exterior paint job on an Austin residence, the secret sauce to Chateau Marmont's ongoing success and Marie Kondo's (kind of shocking) fitted sheet folding method. 

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The creative force behind beloved Cabana magazine, Martina Mondadori Sartogo, will be in our very own Houston for Texas Design Week. Always curious to know more details great creatives' lifestyles, we couldn't resist clicking on this Q&A she had with Paper City. She reveals her current favorite color combo, most coveted collection and go-to recipes in the kitchen. {image via Cabana for Paper City



It's always interesting to see trends come and go (and oftentimes return for a renaissance) whether it's in the interiors or fashion world. Travel back in time to see the style statements that defined the last 50-plus years. From pillbox hats to the mod movement (hi, Twiggy), to the resurgence of the halter top, we've worn it all. {image via Getty Images}



See what color an Austin resident is painting his entire home, causing a major uproar in his community. Hint: many people claim this color is their favorite. {image via Mental Floss



It's unlikely you've ever driven down Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard without setting your sights on Chateau Marmont. The legendary lodging establishment in Los Angeles is known for being star-studded while maintaining an element of mystery as to what goes on behind its doors and iconic foliage. Celebrating 90 years in 2019, the current owner divulges what keeps their cool factor in tact. Mostly, they balance exclusivity with acceptance and nostalgia with the necessities, but read here for the full story. {image via L'Officiel



If folding fitted sheets doesn't exactly spark joy for you, the technique that Marie Kondo uses may make this task a little less daunting. Jump here to watch her method, and you'll be hard-pressed not to copy her ways. {image via People}

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