Must-Reads: A Gym Transforms into a Home & The Hottest Houston Restaurant

Must-Reads: A Gym Transforms into a Home & The Hottest Houston Restaurant

Every Monday, we corral five links from around the web worthy of sharing. On tap for today: the restaurant that's creating a serious buzz (and wait) in Houston, an exhibition honoring a woman who contributed a whole lot to American design, reason to visit both Rome and Highlands, North Carolina and finally, how a jewelry designer transformed a gym into her family's home. {hero image via camille styles}



The above heading was a mantra embraced by design darling Vera Neumann. A new exhibition just opened in New York City honoring her work. A risk taker, color lover and experimenter, the exhibition is a feast for the senses. And you'll learn a thing or two -- like the art to setting a table in all sorts of fashions. {image via Elle Decor

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Heading to Italy? Stopping in Room? Book a night or two at this new boutique hotel, Condominio Monti. Its contemporary design is refreshing in a city steeped in so much ancient history, and it has an impressive variety in its room offerings. You can even stay in a family room complete with its own private terrace. {photo via Tablet}

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Leave it to couture jewelry designer Bibi van der Belden to cleverly transform a church gym into the coolest of lodging quarters. What kid wouldn't want this moody tree house nestled into the corner of their playroom? See all the details and the apparatus that remained like gymnastic rings and a pommel horse. {photo via Vogue}

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We've heard nothing but marvelous things about the mountainous getaway that is Highlands, North Carolina. We came across this greenway viewing room designed by Timothy Whealon and it's sealed the deal that it's our next must-visit destination. {image via @timothywhealon



Houstonians, have you snagged your seat at MAD yet? If not, the wait is six weeks long. This piece tells us it's worth it, at the very least to say you've been there, seen that mirror restroom. {photo via PaperCity}


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