Antique Senneh rugs and carpets, produced in Northwest Iran, are highly valued and prized for their fine, delicate design and weaving technique. They are among the "thinnest" of all Persian rugs, and come in a range of medallion or all-over design patterns with small scale Herati repeats. Being single wefted, they tend to wear less than other comparable rugs produced in surrounding villages. Senneh rugs and carpets always display a meticulous, geometric drawing that corresponds to the precision of the weave. The colors tend to vary, and range for rich to softer color shades.

Some of the very finest examples of Senneh rugs and carpets were knotted on silk foundations, usually dyed in a variety of shades to give their fringes a rainbow-like appearance. Most Senneh rugs were produced in smaller or runner sizes and make excellent decorative accents rugs, although some were produced in room-sized carpets as well.
(Other spelling: Seneh)

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 Antique Persian Senneh Rug

Antique Persian Senneh Rug

  • 24768HM
  • 3' 6'' x 18' 0''
 Antique  Senneh Rug

Antique Senneh Rug

  • 24571HC
  • 4' 6'' x 6' 0''
 Antique  Persian Worn Senneh Rug

Antique Persian Worn Senneh Rug

  • 19489HM
  • 4' 1'' x 6' 9''
  Kilim Senneh Rug

Kilim Senneh Rug

  • 14607HM
  • 6' 10'' x 9' 9''
  Kilim Senneh Rug

Kilim Senneh Rug

  • 10517HM
  • 3' 0'' x 9' 4''
  Kilim Senneh Rug

Kilim Senneh Rug

  • 02436HM
  • 4' 5'' x 6' 9''

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