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A beautiful distressed large vintage Anatolian rug exuding the artistry, skill, and culture of Central Anatolia, Turkey. This vintage Anatolian features solid rows of cherry red, green, pink, saffron yellow, ivory, and blue colored diamond shapes cascading side-to-side. The faded forest green border encloses the colorful center. 

You can feel and see the great care put into making this handspun vintage Anatolian carpet. The color distribution coupled with the prominent border makes this a stand-out piece. The slight fading gives it personality and a true story. 

The colors, textures, and masterful weaving techniques are staples of  Anatolian culture. A closer look at this rug reveals the symmetrical knots (i.e., Turkish knots) and naturally-dyed fabric. These types of rugs were often depicted in renaissance art representing prestige, luxury, and class. That’s due to the hours, weeks, and months of master craftsmanship put into the creation of Anatolian rugs. 

This vintage runner rug makes your home feel alive and vibrant. It adds a new layer of depth to an already well-designed room. That can include voyeurs, kitchens, prayer rooms, narrow living rooms, and much more. You can't go wrong if you place it as your centerpiece in your hallway or a complementary piece in your dining room. Since it’s multi-colored, you can easily match it with all types of hues and color schemes. 

Vintage Anatolian runner rugs are versatile. Therefore, they can be a perfect fit for many interior design styles, including minimalist, contemporary, traditional, transitional, rustic, shabby chic, urban modern, and so many more.

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    4' 8'' x 9' 3''

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