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This large floral shabby chic rendering of an Antique Oushak rug features a stylized botanical design with a multi-tiered border and calming natural earth tones. It speaks to the excellent design and craftsmanship akin to 15th - 19th century Turkey. An Oushak reproduction like this is almost indistinguishable from an authentic Antique Oushak rug. 

The composition of this Oushak reproduction consists of a light brown background overlaid with earthy flowers, leaves, and branches. The contrasts of light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow remind onlookers of a royal garden at the onset of spring in the Ottoman Empire. 

This rug’s border contains symmetrical patterns of repeating flowers, branches, and leaves on either side. The centerfield of this Oushak reproduction is an expression of openness and growth. It’s a perfect rug for open rooms with high vaulted ceilings. 

It can be a perfect compliment to an already well-designed room or the centerpiece of a room. Historically, Antique Oushak rugs were reserved for aristocrats, royalty, and dignitaries of the Ottoman Empire. As the world became aware of the impressive quality of Oushak rugs, they could be found in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Presently Antique Oushak rug replicas can be found in luxury homes, resorts, hotels, museums, and government buildings. These Oushak renderings are versatile and can pair well with most room designs, including modern, traditional, and transitory designs.  

This beautiful and unique Turkish Oushak rendering will add tranquility, elegance, and grace to any space.

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    10' 8'' x 15' 9''

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